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State Meeting:

To Be Scheduled for 2019

State Meeting and Association Meetings

Meeting Requirements

In accordance with the COLOA bylaws, General Membership meeting attendance requirements are as follows:

• The Annual Rules Interpretation Meeting must be attended by all officials,

• All officials must attend at least four regular season meetings and one state.

The OHSAA insurance coverage, which all members receive, is predicated upon on the attendance of yearly meetings.  

Failure to comply with COLOA attendance requirements will affect your status as an official. You will not be able to vote in any election or participate in any other vote taken and you cannot be assigned a post season conference tournament or OHSAA playoff game in you do not meet these requirements.

 We strongly suggest that all officials attend more than the required amount of regular season meetings.


COLOA requires you be an OHSAA member, and have attended meetings and paid dues.

Min age is 14 for Youth Officials and 18 for COLOA