RAIN is The Coca‑Cola Foundation’s flagship African community program contributing to helping Africa achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals on clean water and sanitation access.

Managed by the Global Environment & Technology Foundation, RAIN aims to improve the lives of people in Africa through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs and other water-based initiatives. ​​

Since 2009, RAIN has worked to address specific community needs – deploying a vast network of partners including governments, the private sector and civil society.

Woman filling a bucket with water at a RAIN Kenya water kiosk

Our Key Focus Areas

RAIN makes catalytic investments to improve the lives of over 6 million ​people in Africa through a wide range of water-based initiatives, including:​


Water Sanitation & Hygiene Project
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene​

Community access to water and sanitation projects, promoting improved hygiene behaviors for positive impacts on health and development.​

Productive use of water project
Productive Use of Water

Projects to promote efficient and sustainable use of water for economic development.​​

Watershed Protection Project
Watershed Protection​

Conservation projects in critical water basins that provide upstream economic services and downstream community water supply.

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RAIN Improves Clean Water Access

The Coca‑Cola Foundation has helped over 6.5 million people gain access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

Three African women carrying clean water

480,000+ Women and Girls Empowered

By supporting water-based initiatives throughout Africa, RAIN provides valuable employment opportunities to women through these partnerships.

480,000+ Women and Girls Empowered

Improved Water Access in Healthcare

250,000+ patients, nurses and doctors with improved WASH access in their healthcare facilities​.

Improved Water Access in Healthcare

Improved Water Management

1 million+ acres of land under improved water management​.

Improved Water Management

Helping Communities

1 million+ acres of land under improved water management​.

Helping Communities

Coronavirus Prevention

350,000+ people supported with COVID-19 preventative supplies including WASH, PPE, handwashing stations, hygiene supplies

Children washing hands with clean water

RAIN Partners

RAIN works with over 300 best-in-class international and local partners. Some RAIN partners include:​

USAID From the American People
Water for People
Mercy Corps
Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor
Global Grassroots
Woman farmers advancement network
The Nature Conservancy
Drop in the bucket
AMREF Health Africa

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