Case with 2 happy tears coca-cola creations cans inside

Drops of Joy: Coca‑Cola® Happy Tears Zero Sugar Celebrates Acts of Kindness With TikTok-Exclusive Creation


Coca‑Cola is celebrating the happy tears that flow during moments of “Real Magic” with its first drink sold exclusively on TikTok Shop. 

Coca‑Cola® Happy Tears Zero Sugar launches in the United States and Great Britain on Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb. 17) as the first Creations drop for 2024. The limited-edition offering combines a timeless Coke taste infused with a salty splash of minerals for taste and a sweet pinch of peach, drawing inspiration from the tears of joy brought on by small, everyday acts of kindness—such as sending a positive text to a friend, paying for a stranger's coffee, leaving a compliment on a post or sharing a Coke with a loved one. 

“A little bit of kindness—and simple, unexpected moments of connection—can bring a lot of joy,” said Oana Vlad, Senior Director of Global Strategy, The Coca‑Cola Company. “We hope Coca‑Cola Happy Tears Zero Sugar will inspire uplifting moments and friendly gestures that create a cascade of uplift and optimism.” 

Starting February 17 and while supplies last, fans can purchase special “hype kits” on TikTok Shop, containing a pair of Coca‑Cola® Happy Tears Zero Sugar cans—one for themselves and one to share as an act of kindness—and an assortment of kindness-themed accessories, including a t-shirt, stickers and tissues to wipe your happy tears. The striking can design features an embossed, iridescent teardrop.

Fans are also encouraged to share their own “drops of joy” through a new TikTok effect that prompts a random act of kindness to the user and the people around them. Influencers known for spreading kindness and positivity through their social media feeds will promote the product and effect.

2 cans of happy tears

Since its launch in 2022, Coca‑Cola® Creations has embarked on “hacking” the iconic Coca‑Cola brand with limited-edition flavors, designs and experiences driven by collaboration, creativity and cultural connections. Through limited-edition drops, the global innovation platform has leveraged the power of breakthrough technology and collaborations to create experiences across digital and physical realms.