Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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Creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of our values and our growth strategy and play an important part in our company's success.

We leverage the remarkable diversity of people across the world to achieve our purpose of refreshing the world and making a difference.

Our aspiration is not only to mirror the diversity of the communities where we operate, but also to lead and advocate for a better shared future.


The Coca‑Cola Company’s diversity, equity and inclusion strategy includes three long-term ambitions:

These ambitions are part of how we create a better shared future for people everywhere, empowering access to equal opportunities and building inclusion and belonging, both in our workplaces and in society.

We Aspire to Create a Workforce That Mirrors the Markets We Serve

It is our aspiration by 2030 to have women hold 50% of senior leadership roles at the company and in the U.S. to have race and ethnicity representation reflect national census data at all levels.​

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We Enable an Inclusive Culture Where Our Employees Thrive

We create affinity, allyship, community and celebration and use our brands to inspire and advocate for inclusion.

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We Advance Equity Within Our Business, Communities, and the Marketplace

We review our business, human rights, and employment policies and practices, to eliminate biases and inequities.

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Diversity Leadership Council

Our Global Women's Leadership Council aims to accelerate the development and movement of female talent into roles of increasing responsibility and influence in an effort to accomplish our aspiration to be 50% led by women globally by 2030.

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Employee Inclusion Networks

Listening to our employees and providing resources that empower change is critical to growth. Our Inclusion Networks are focused on creating an inclusive workplace culture.

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Progress on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Learn more on our progress and initiatives in our 2022 Business & Sustainability Report.

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Learn More on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Throughout our history, Coca‑Cola has stood up for – and celebrated – diversity, equity and inclusion around the world​.


First Woman on the Board

First major corporation to have a woman serve on its board, Lettie Pate Evans.

$25M for United Negro College Fund

Coca‑Cola brings together America’s businessmen to raise $25 million for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). The Coca‑Cola Company and The Coca‑Cola Foundation has continued to support the UNCF for 75+ years.

Education contributions to American history

Coca‑Cola co-sponsors education programs that highlight the contributions of blacks to America’s history. 2.5+M copies the series, featuring the stories of famous African American historical and literary figures, are distributed to schools across the country.

Integrated dinner with Martin Luther King Jr.

Coca‑Cola spearheaded the New South’s battle for equality and influenced many Atlanta business leaders to support an integrated dinner in Martin Luther King Jr.'s Honor post Nobel Peace Prize.

African American Workplace Equality

Kelvin Wall becomes the first African American leader of a pioneering initiative focused on formalizing and expanding company marketing and community relations to communities of color. He is later promoted to Vice President, becoming the first African American to hold that title at the company.

First integrated ad

“Boys on the Bench” advertisement remains one of Coca‑Cola’s most powerful statements about diversity and inclusion. It was the first Coke ad to feature both African American and white people together. Deepening the message of inclusion, the boys are sitting arm to arm, enjoying their bottles of Coke on a New York City segregation bench, completely unsegregated.

Company’s Board of Directors

William “Bill” Allison invited to join The Coca‑Cola Company’s Board of Directors, making him the first African American to serve.

South Africa Human Rights Support

Coca‑Cola withdrew all its business in the country to support the advancement of civil and human rights during the apartheid years. In addition, supporting the oppressed by selling all South African holdings exclusively to non-white South African investors.

African American Woman elected by Board

Board of Directors elects Ingrid Saunders Jones as a vice president, becoming the first African American female to hold this title. In this time the Foundation donated $100+M to education, including scholarships and programs for students of color.

Employee-led Diversity Groups established

Business Resource Groups formed focusing on ethnicity and evolve over the next 18 years to include Veterans, LGBTQA, Generations, Disabilities and Women.

Employee-led Diversity Groups established

Business Resource Groups formed focusing on ethnicity and evolve over the next 18 years to include Veterans, LGBTQA, Generations, Disabilities and Women.

Launched Stand As One series

To engage employee conversations and, importantly, actions about race and other difficult social conversations.

Marriage Equality

Coca‑Cola Australia launches a limited edition can design supporting marriage equality.

Diet Coke goes #Unlabeled

Diet Coke removes its labels to help Americas start a conversation about theirs. The platform sought to spark ongoing and authentic conversations about the complex – and often sensitive – topic of societal labels.

Global Social Justice Framework for Action

The company launched its Social Justice Framework for Action, with four pillars: Listening, Leading, Investing and Advocating.

Accelerating commitment to supplier diversity

Coca‑Cola announces plans to step up spending with Black-owned enterprises across its supply chain by at least $500 million over the next five years.

Mirroring the markets we serve by 2030

The company reaffirmed its representation targets to be 50% led by women globally and to align U.S. race/ethnicity representation to U.S. census data across all job levels.

Supporting LGBTIQ+ Rights in Japan

Coca‑Cola Japan and five bottling partners jointly establish policies to offer the same medical and parental leave benefits to same-sex partner employees.

Diversity Business Resource Groups evolve to “Inclusion Networks”

Inclusion Networks are regionally structured, globally connected groups of employees with common interests or backgrounds who wish to create a better shared future for people everywhere. This evolution creates opportunity for broader reach and impact, in a more networked way.

Board links DEI metrics to incentive programs

The Talent and Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors approves plans to link ESG performance measures, including DEI progress, to annual and long-term incentive programs for executives.

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