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Addressing complex global challenges to leave a lasting impact in our communities

Our Commitment

Each day, we collectively face environmental and social challenges that impact billions of people around the world. These complex problems require bold solutions.

Our mission is to make a difference in communities around the world by investing in transformative ideas and institutions that address some of our most pressing global challenges.

As the primary philanthropic arm of The Coca‑Cola Company, we have an equal hand in supporting the local and global changemakers leaving a measurable and lasting impact in areas around the world where the Company operates and where our employees live and work. 

Since our inception, we have awarded more than $1.5 billion in grants to support initiatives around the world, and have recently refreshed our focus to specifically address sustainable access to water, a circular economy, climate resilience and disaster preparedness and response, economic empowerment, and causes impacting our hometown community.

Our Approach

Philanthropic Funding

We invest in transformative ideas and institutions through grants and impact investments. 

System Expertise

We leverage the expertise and insights of The Coca‑Cola System to help partners successfully implement projects.

Collective Action

We build partnerships across organizations and institutions to create a robust network of support and drive collective action.

Our Work in Action

Circular Economy | Clean Currents Coalition

Supported by the Benioff Ocean Science Laboratory at the University of California, Santa Barbara and The Coca‑Cola Foundation, the Clean Currents Coalition brings together a collaborative network of dedicated, passionate problem-solvers to design and pilot new technologies to capture plastic waste in highly polluted rivers and catalyze policy-based, infrastructural, and societal change to reduce plastic in water sources across the world.

Clean Currents Coalition members cleaning water near a bridge

Climate Resilience – The Nature Conservancy Water Funds

Protecting the health of the lands around water sources can improve water quality and restore reliable water flows to communities. The Coca‑Cola Foundation supports The Nature Conservancy’s work to establish water funds in Latin America and helps pioneer and scale them on the African continent.

A blue sky reflects in calm water surrounded by dense forest

Economic Empowerment – First Generation Scholarships in the US

The Coca‑Cola First Generation Scholarship program supports students in the United States who are the first in their immediate family to attend college. It has provided over $69 million in scholarships over the last 20 years. Currently, over 600 college students are recipients of these scholarships and attend a variety of colleges and universities across the country.

A man in graduation gown dancing with an older woman while surrounded by smiling guests

Disaster Preparedness and Relief

The frequency and severity of natural disasters continues to increase, wreaking havoc on communities globally. The Coca‑Cola Foundation has a history of supporting immediate relief efforts for those impacted by cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, and more. The Foundation also engages in disaster preparedness efforts by prepositioning funds and supplies that improve the resilience of communities and enable organizations to quickly deploy resources after a disaster strikes.

A woman sits facing camera with rubble behind her

About us

Grant proposals | The Coca‑Cola Foundation is committed to supporting communities across the world. Our giving is guided by a firm set of priorities. Out of respect for the time and resources of all our stakeholders, we do not accept unsolicited proposals for grants.

Giving and financial statements | In 2022, The Coca‑Cola Foundation awarded grants to over 387 programs and projects. Read more about our work in the 2022 Business Sustainability Report and our 990 Form.

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